About Us

Welcome to Supplement Buying Guide! Your new resource for all things supplements all on one website!

Why Supplement Buying Guide?

I started Supplement Buying Guide because I was so overwhelmed by all of the options and there wasn’t one website that I could visit to help me find the right supplements for me and my family. 

What Will You Find?

On Supplement Buying Guide you will find news, reviews, top supplement brands, and helpful articles for specific health related issues. The articles include topics such as which supplements improve memory and brain function, how to increase energy and work acuity with supplements, digestion, athletic performance, and cardiovascular health.

Which Brands Are Included?

We review all of the supplements before we post them on the site.  Our review process includes experiencing the supplements, checking their reviews on other sites and asking for the manufacturer certifications. Our goal is that you will find the supplements that work specifically for you. 

How We Make Money

We are hoping that this site will be a valuable resource for both consumers and supplement companies.  Should someone click on the products and make a purchase,  we might earn a commission from that. 

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